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New Mom Writes Brutally Honest Poem About Her Husband Sleeping Through The Night Instead Of Helping Her With The Baby

New Mom Writes Brutally Honest Poem About Her Husband Sleeping Through The Night Instead Of Helping Her With The Baby

Having a newborn child presents many new frustrations and relationship dynamics. Facebook user Caroline Anderson has taken to venting her strong feelings using one of the most expressive art forms around: internet poems.

One poem in particular, written in the dead of night by a mother who gets increasingly bitter about doing everything for the baby while daddy snores beside her, has gone viral, with over 17k shares on Facebook!

It begins:

"I love your daddy, I really do,"

"After all, without daddy, I wouldn't have you.
But from midnight till sunrise, it's just you and I.
And as each hour passes, I'm not gonna lie:
Mommy's love slowly fades, becomes angry and weak,
Because no matter what, your dad is f***ing asleep!"

Written from the perspective of a mother talking to her newborn baby, parents everywhere could empathize.

"It all starts out lovely. We kiss each other goodnight.
We look lovingly down at you dear, such a beautiful sight.
An hour later, mommy wakes with a start.
You're twisting and turning, you're starting to fart.
You're gesturing for food. Mommy is there
with a bottle or breast
Daddy is snoring away, the way he knows best."

Caroline Olling Andersen/Facebook

As the poem goes on, Anderson's rage only intensifies.

"Mommy burps you, and holds you and rocks you with care.
You spew foul smelling yogurt on mommy's freshly washed hair.
As mommy changes her shirt, and mops vomit off the floor.
Your daddy farts, rolls over and continues to snore."

Caroline Olling Andersen/Facebook

The story is a familiar one:

"Mommy's maternal alarm goes off, it's not even three!
You're stirring again, you're hungry and staring at me!
'I think she is hungry' your daddy offers, pulls duvet over his head,
Mommy sends him a death stare and rolls out of bed.
Mommy comes back, tired and drained and what is this I see?
Your daddy has taken over my side, doesn't give a f*** about me!"

Caroline Olling Andersen/Facebook

The poem has been liked over 22k times, and still rising!

"Mommy kicks him and pushes him angrily away.
'What's up love?' He moans in a lovingly way.
Your daddy has no clue he is under attack.
He wraps his arms around me and kisses my back.
And just as my love for daddy is back on the rise,
You start to coo in your crib and open your eyes.
And daddy gently nudges me to attend to your need.
I give him the finger as I prepare for a feed."

Caroline Olling Andersen/Facebook

Fortunately, as the next day's sun rises, things seem a little less dire.

"But as the sun starts rising, the slate is wiped clear.
I'm back to full love for your daddy and for you my dear.
I forget that daddy sleeps while you cry and you poo.
It's back to kissing and hugging and doting on you."

Caroline Olling Andersen/Facebook

The only person who will remember these dark times is the poor mother.

"Soon you'll grow up and be daddy's little girl.
You'll not remember me cleaning up shit and vomit hurl.
Whilst you sit on his lap and he sings you a song,
You'll love him and think daddy could do nothing wrong.
But my sweet love, here is a poem for you to keep,
So you know that all those long nights, dad was f***ing asleep!"

Caroline Olling Andersen/Facebook

After the fact, Anderson clarified the story to The Mommy Poet, showing that her husband wasn't quite as lazy as he seemed in the poem:

"After the poem went viral, I've read a lot of comments which have shamed him for not being more active at night and me for complaining about his inactivity. Truth is, we made a deal during my pregnancy that I'd take the night shift, because I've been blessed with long maternity leave."
"[This way,] he gets to sleep so he can be ready for his 10-12 hour day teaching 10-year-olds. That said, tiredness will still cause you a lot of passive aggressive feelings in the early hours at night – hence my poem, which was written at 4 am on a particularly tiring night (everything I wrote in that poem happened on that one night)."

Caroline Olling Andersen/Facebook

If you're a mom who can relate to Anderson's poem, thanks for everything you do! Hopefully, fathers everywhere will be inspired to do the right thing and give you all a night off.