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Tennessee Meteorologist Claims She Was Fired For Having Curly Hair And Not Being A 'Size 2'

Meteorologist Tabitha Bartoe called out ABC affiliate WATE 6 after suggesting that she was fired after just four months on the job over her appearance.

Split screenshots of Tabitha Bartoe

Tabitha Bartoe, a meteorologist at a local news station in Knoxville, Tennessee announced on Twitter she has been let go from her position.

The young meteorologist, just 22 years of age, suggested her dismissal was due to her appearance, specifically mentioning her curly hair and body size. This would not be the first time unrealistic and often unattainable beauty standards have derailed the career of an on-air personality.

She shared a full statement on social media.

She emphasized everyone is beautiful and professional in their own way, regardless of their hair type or body size.

Bartoe also encouraged individuals with natural curls to embrace and be proud of their hair, noting that it is a professional choice.

She wrote:

“To my viewers,”

“Many of you have been asking me numerous questions and I feel you deserved to have an honest answer about where I've been.”

“I wanted to thank you for being here for me and supporting me for months as I began my career in the news world.”

“I feel I never was able to introduce myself and magically appeared on your screens one day, but I was a student that had just graduated in December and this was my first job out of college and I was extremely excited to get to know you all.”

“When I went to college I was told that you will hear negative things about you and you have to ignore it, but I never once heard anything negative from viewers because you all were so kind no matter where I went.”

“You all made me happy to be a Tennessean.”

“The sad news, my time at WATE has come to a close.”

“I'm so appreciative of the Storm Team, the digital producers, the rest of the on air talent, and everyone in the control room. They were the ones that kept spirits lifted and things positive, even if the circumstances with management were not as great.”

“One thing I will say, is that I hope that in the future, we all learn to appreciate and accept people for who they are. For their appearance, for their STYLE. Everyone is beautiful and professional in their own ways.”

“No matter if you have CURLY HAIR, or you're NOT a size 2, but a size 12. You matter and people's comments should not let you down, or it should not play as a large circumstance in your job.”

“If you have natural curls, embrace them and be proud of your natural hair. It is professional.”

“As Frank Sinatra says, 'The Best is Yet To Come' and I can't wait to share with you my next adventure 💙”

The news station, WATE 6, has not yet responded to requests for comment.

Kristen Shaughnessy, a weekend anchor and breaking news reporter, retweeted Bartoe's message and questioned whether Bartoe was fired for refusing to straighten her hair and if her youth played a role in the decision.

Bartoe expressed her gratitude for her colleagues on social media.

She highlighted their support and positivity even during challenging times with management.

The internet is rallying behind the budding weather woman.

Bartoe expressed her hope people would learn to appreciate and accept others for who they are, including their unique appearances.

Best of luck to her on her future endeavors. Shoot for the stars, Tabitha Bartoe.