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Man Is Given Gift By High School Girlfriend Right Before She Dumps Him—48 Years Later, It's Finally Opened

He had been holding onto it for nearly half a century.

But Thursday night, Adrian Pearce finally found out what was in the gift given to him by his ex-girlfriend when she dumped him.

In 1970, the Toronto man was only 17 years old and in Grade 12. His girlfriend was Vicky Allen, a fellow student.

Just before the holiday, Allen broke up with Pearce, but also gave him a present.

Pearce took the gift home and put it under his tree. Come Christmas morning, he still wouldn't open the gift.

Every year he'd place the gift under his tree and every Christmas he wouldn't open it.

People speculated about what could be inside.

Pearce was quoted as saying:

"I told my family I'm never going to open that present."

The tradition continued even after he got married and had kids.

While his family has asked him to open it, he's refused. While Pearce was planning on opening the gift on the 50th anniversary, the story went viral in 2017. Because of this, he has reconnected with Vicky, and decided to allow the gift opened this year.

At a fundraiser for a local charity on Thursday, with both his wife and ex-girlfriend in tow, Pearce allowed his gift to be opened. True to his word, he did not open the present. Instead, Vicky Allen had the honors.

She ripped away the packaging to reveal a 'new' copy of Love Is…: New Ways To Spot That Certain Feeling by Kim Grove, a little book with cartoons and sayings about love.

No one seemed to have guessed that.

After the story first went viral, Pearce tried to track Vicky down with little luck. She had moved to a different province, and all attempts at a phone number failed. It wasn't until after a mutual high school friend shared the story on Facebook, that Allen found out she was the subject of a nearly 50 year mystery.

She reconnected with Pearce, and the two and Pearce's wife all wrote a book together about the experience called The 47 Year Old Present.

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