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Leslie Jones Just Offered Some Hilarious Thoughts On That Accidentally NSFW New MLK Statue

The 'SNL' alum said the statue looked like Boston was celebrating being 'eaten out.'

Screenshot of statue and Leslie Jones
The Daily Show/YouTube

The Daily Show is back.

Tuesday night marked the show's return after former host Trevor Noah's departure on December 8.

Saturday Night Live alum Leslie Jones was the first guest host in a series planned by the show, and, well, she did not hold back.

Jones opened with an honest take on a new Martin Luther King, Jr. monument in Boston.

The $10 million sculpture—with a focus on wrapped arms—was designed to commemorate the iconic embrace between MLK and his wife Coretta Scott King after he learned he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

Below is a video of the unveiling in Boston Commons.

As Jones displayed a photo of the statue, she stoically asked the audience:

"Has anyone in here ever been eaten out?"

Once the audience got over the initial shock, Jones continued:

"Because they are celebrating you right now in Boston!"
"Listen, I know Dr. King went down in history, but this is not how you show it!"

As the camera cut back to Jones, she let "White people" know they should sit out this debate.

"White people: You don't need to be saying sh*t about this statue. You understand?"
"You need to sit your *ss in the back of the bus for this one. You need to honor the statue."
"This is a civil rights icon... going down on his wife."
"You show some d*mn respect."

Jones even brought in Seneca Scott—cousin of Scott King—to weigh in and she felt the statue "looked like a penis."

Jones asked desperately:

"OK, Black people, what the f**k we gonna do?"
"We got to talk about this because you know it's messed up when Black people and the Proud Boys hate the same statue."

She concluded:

"I can't unsee it!"

You can watch the segment below.

WARNING: NSFW language

Viewers of the segment did not disagree with Jones.

Though Jones was only the first guest host, Twitter wants to see more, many rooting for her to stay on permanently.

Several guest hosts, including Chelsea Handler and Roy Wood, Jr., will temporarily join The Daily Show in the coming weeks.

We, however, believe this Jones bit will go down as one of the best.