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Heartbreaking 'The Last Of Us' Episode Review-Bombed By Homophobes For Featuring Gay Romance

The heartbreaking episode, featuring actors Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett as gay couple Bill and Frank, had homophobic trolls up in arms.

Murray Bartlett and Nick Offerman from 'The Last of Us'
The Last of Us/HBO

Homophobes are up in arms over Sunday's episode of The Last of Us that featured actors Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett as gay couple Bill and Frank. They are flocking to review sites by the masses to express their disgust.

While most viewers of the series say the episode was one of the most emotional and heartbreaking in the series so far, homophobes are unable to see past Bill and Frank's sexuality.

The episode has a 7.9/10 star rating on IMDB, which is a stark contrast to the ratings of other episodes which hover between 9.2 and 9.3. An astounding 28.6% (likely 100% homophobes) gave the episode just one star.

Aside from IMDB, they are taking their bigotry and hate to Instagram, as well, specifically to the series' posts about the latest episode.





That one really got us.

Sorry you can't watch a rated TV-MA show with profanity, brutal killings—including of children—and cannibalism with your daughter because of a love story between consenting adults.



Fortunately, plenty of unprejudiced fans of the show had its back.

They also took to social media to not only counter the hate but also to call out the homophobes for their bigoted reviews.

The Last of Us games the HBO series is based on introduced queer characters years ago.

The Last of Us airs Sunday on HBO.

The first three episodes are available to stream now.

If you're not a homophobe, check it out and leave a review.