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GOP Rep. Gets Brutal Fact Check After Blaming Biden And Dems For '18-Month' Spending Spree

GOP Rep. Gets Brutal Fact Check After Blaming Biden And Dems For '18-Month' Spending Spree
Al Drago/Getty Images

A Republican Congressman is getting slammed on Twitter for his inaccurate criticisms of the Biden administration.

Republican Missouri Congressman Jason Smith made some critical comments on the air about the Biden administration's spending.

Smith is a conservative representative of Missouri's 8th district and a self-proclaimed political ally of former President Donald Trump.

He appeared on C-Span's Washington Journal segment on Thursday where he accused the current President Joe Biden and his administration of overspending the taxpayer's money in what he called an "18-month spending spree."

He said:

"If they pass this reconciliation bill of $4.3 trillion, if you just talk about the new spending that they've passed in the last 18 months, in order to pay just for the new spending, that's not counting to fund government, the new spending since they've been in power in the last 18 months if they enact this, you couldn't -- it would take the entire taxpayer annual wages of all Americans."

What Smith failed to realize, however, is the Biden administration have only been in office for seven months, less than half of the time they went on their supposed "spending spree."

The majority of the time the Democrats would have gone on their supposed "spending spree," Trump would have actually been the one still in the White House.

Indeed, Smith is no stranger to making outrageous accusations against the Democrats.

He also accused the Biden administration of making the Taliban the most well-funded government in the world after the United States and China.

He said:

"It's unfortunate when you see things like what you see in Afghanistan where the Biden administration left tens of billions of dollars of military equipment behind for the Taliban."
"What is so scary is that the Taliban is now the most well-funded country, government behind the United States and China because of the reckless behavior of Joe Biden and his presidency and his administration."

Smith's inaccurate criticisms of the Biden administration's spending are causing him to get slammed on Twitter--where users are reminding him that Democrats only took control of the White House seven months ago.

Needless to say, Smith is going to have a lot of explaining to do to justify his criticisms. Good luck with that!