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Guy Who Used 'Let's Go Brandon' Slur During Biden Call Now 'Praying About' Potential Run For Office

Guy Who Used 'Let's Go Brandon' Slur During Biden Call Now 'Praying About' Potential Run For Office
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The ex-cop and Trump supporter who used his children's Christmas Eve call with the President and First Lady to troll President Joe Biden—then alternately claimed he was only joking, the election was "100% stolen" and victimhood—is now discussing the possibility of running for office.

Jared Schmeck, the Central Point, Oregon father who told President Joe Biden on a Christmas call “Let’s go Brandon,” has now claimed he believes he’s been put in this position for a reason and is eying a run for political office. This comes after a strange little roller coaster of Schmeck trying to explain why his use of the conservative phrase which is coded wording for "f'k Joe Biden" wasn’t actually vulgar.

His shift to running for office just continues the pipeline of MAGA minion grifters using poor behavior to gain right-wing popularity.

During an interview with Christian broadcaster Todd Starnes, Schmeck was asked about his possible political future.

Schmeck responded:

“I do feel like God put me in this position for a reason. And I strongly believe that standing up is the right thing to do here as long as that message that I'm portraying is glorifying His name.”

Schmeck is actually in this position because he said a vulgar phrase to the President while on a call for children. Biden was taking calls from families while NORAD tracked Santa Claus for Christmas, when Schmeck decided to end his children's call with “Let’s Go Brandon.”

The phrase originates after a TV reporter tried to disguise a crowd chanting a curse at Biden during a NASCAR race as a cheer for driver Brandon Brown. Since then, the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” has continued to be used by conservatives too scared to just say “F'k Joe Biden.”

Despite his claim he’s not a “Trumper,” Schmeck also went on Steve Bannon’s podcast with a MAGA hat and pushed the discredited conspiracy theory the 2020 election was stolen.

So a Republican run for political office would just be the natural progression.

Schmeck has both claimed his comment was just a joke being overblown and a very serious expression of his beliefs.

Which would be strange for most people, but hypocrisy, claims of victimhood and outright lies have proven effective tools for Republicans in the Trump era and beyond.