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Jane Lynch Called Out After Saying Women Need To Lower Their 'Annoying' Voices For Podcasts

Jane Lynch Called Out After Saying Women Need To Lower Their 'Annoying' Voices For Podcasts
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Jane lynch has received heavy criticism for saying women’s voices can be too high pitched and annoying. She suggested that they do something about it.

Her tweet was met with outrage and jokes online.

The whole thing started when she spoke about women’s voices. She claimed they can get “too high” and recommended women lower them.

Especially if they’re speaking on a podcast.

Lynch claimed that it’s only natural, since women’s voices are higher than men’s. She also claimed that she wasn’t being sexist about it.

Some agreed, with one even recommending a program to “adjust a person’s voice to a more pleasing frequency.”

However, most took it as the insult it was. It’s hard for someone to generalize so many and not see it as an insult.

A collective “WTF” was uttered across the internet.

Lynch’s comments come at a time when sexism in podcasting is being heavily examined. Despite women making up an equal amount of listeners to men, they represent so much less in what is being listened to.

According to TheWrap, only 21% of the top-charting podcasts have a female host. They are significantly less represented in a space that many women want to participate in.

Instead, they’re being told they need to change to become as homogenous as the rest of the space.

This makes Lynch’s suggestion a joke to most commenters.

Despite the reaction from the tweet, Lynch hasn’t apologized or taken it down. She did, however, clarify that her suggestion for vocal training extends to Ben Shapiro as well.

So there’s that.