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Independent Spirit Awards Bit Goes Off The Rails As Celebs Hide Under Table To Avoid Participating

Host Hasan Minhaj tried to approach Cate Blanchett to do a bit about YouTube, prompting her to duck under her table to hide.

Screenshots of Hasan Minhaj and Cate Blanchett
Film Independent/YouTube

Awards season is almost at its peak with the Oscars less than a week away now.

We have been graced with so many great awards seasons moments, from being able to witness the Brenaissance and Ke Huy Quan in all his glory to Jamie Lee Curtis being Hollywood's greatest hypewoman. Unfortunately, however, all of the memorable moments aren't always great ones.

Case in point?

The derailing of the Independent Spirit Awards, specifically during one of host Hasan Minhaj's bits.

At one point during Saturday night's awards, Minhaj - who hosted the event solo - attempted to create some viral moments to get the broadcast - which only aired on YouTube and IMDb - trending on social media.

His idea was to solicit assistance from the audience, beginning with Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett's Tár table. Minhaj asked Blanchett to make "some unhinged expressions" that would create a memorable "YouTube thumbnail face."

But Blanchett was not game for his shenanigans. The Don't Look Up actress used her hands to block her face as Minhaj continued to approach her. Blanchett began to slide down her chair until she eventually disappeared under the table.

Minhaj quipped:

"Is she coming out the other end?"

After the answer became apparent, Minhaj attempted to solicit the same from Tár's director Todd Field, who followed Blanchett's lead and met her under the table.

You can watch the awkward moment below.

Viewers of the bit chimed in on Twitter, and sadly—but also somewhat lovingly—Minhaj was dubbed the "King of Cringe."

Many also questioned if Blanchett's reaction was scripted or genuine, which would make the bit even more awkward.

As it turned out, Blanchett and Ford eventually returned to their seats where Minhaj was still waiting, but they were no longer pressured to partake in his schemes.

Minhaj's full monologue can be watched below. We'd say he was more successful in this bit.