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Gwyneth Paltrow Weirds Out Instagram With Bizarrely Thirsty Comment On Ethan Hawke's Photo

Gwyneth Paltrow Weirds Out Instagram With Bizarrely Thirsty Comment On Ethan Hawke's Photo
PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images; Marc Piasecki/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It can be difficult to remember celebrities are more like regular people than we sometimes give them credit. This includes doing some embarrassing things, like maybe oversharing in a comment on social media.

Last week, Ethan Hawke shared a memory to mark the 33rd anniversary of his film Dead Poet’s Society. Hawke starred in the movie alongside Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, Josh Charles and others as students and a teacher at an all-male prep school who learn to look at life a different way.

It was a touching tribute to the film, especially for the late Robin Williams.

Not everyone saw this as just a touching tribute.

Some people saw it as a moment to make a wild comment.

And who better to make such a strange statement than Gwyneth Paltrow?

@ethanhawke / Instagram

In Paltrow’s comment, she says:

“BEST MOVIE EVER, I wish I had made out with more of you than I did.”

Paltrow dated Robert Sean Leonard for a period in the 90s.

The couple kept the relationship fairly private, with Leonard only talking about the breakup several years later. As far as we’re aware, she hasn’t dated any other members of the cast, but that doesn’t mean everyone was weirded out by the comment.

Ethan Hawke responded without missing a beat.

@ethanhawke / Instagram

Hawke may have been unflappable, but the rest of the internet thought it was a little out of left field.

While Paltrow hasn’t publicly dated any other actors from the Dead Poet’s Society, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been other connections.

Paltrow and Hawke starred together as romantic interests in a film adaptation of Great Expectations.

Of course, Paltrow’s comment made people question how many actors in Dead Poet’s Society Paltrow had kissed. Are there a few more secrets Paltrow isn’t sharing?

If so, many commenters are supportive.

@ethanhawke / Instagram

@ethanhawke / Instagram

@ethanhawke / Instagram

@ethanhawke / Instagram

@ethanhawke / Instagram

While Paltrow seems to remember a film she wasn’t involved in a little too well, it’s funny how often she doesn’t remember movies in which she actually acted.

Infamously, Paltrow doesn’t remember very much about the Marvel Cinematic Universe films she’s been in, from making a cameo in a Spider-man movie to not knowing who or what Hawkeye is.