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Florida Man Claims The Cocaine And Meth Cops Found Wrapped Around His Penis Aren't His

Keira01/Getty Images

Florida authorities reported they found a man with drugs who denied the illicit material belonged to him.

However, that became difficult to believe since the drugs were found wrapped around his genitalia.

Where else could this happen but Florida?

Last week, WFLA in Florida reported a man from Clearwater was riding in a car that was pulled over for a traffic stop. The vehicle was driving without its lights on.

The driver was arrested for DUI and possession of marijuana, but it was the search of the passenger that led to the new “Florida Man” headline.

The man identified as Patrick Florence, 34, was sitting on a seat that had a gun underneath. This led to a deeper search that found a package of drugs on his penis.

When asked about it, Florence claimed the drugs weren’t his.

Then whose were they?

The report doesn’t clarify Florence’s explanation for the drugs, but little happens in Florida with an explanation.

Maybe Florence will provide an explanation at trial.

Florence has been charged with four felonies: possession of cocaine, methamphetamine, firearm, and ammunition.

This isn’t a first, as Florence has been arrested more than a dozen times by the county sheriffs, with most charges involving cocaine.