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Ezra Miller Charged With Felony Burglary After Allegedly Breaking Into Home And Stealing Alcohol

Ezra Miller Charged With Felony Burglary After Allegedly Breaking Into Home And Stealing Alcohol
Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Ezra Miller, actor and star of Warber Bros. upcoming The Flash film, has been in the news lately for allegations of aberrant behavior and various petty crimes.

Now they’ve been charged with a felony—burglary of a Vermont home.

According to Vermont State Police (VSP), a burglary was reported in a Stamford home on May 1. Based on the evidence collected, charges were filed against Ezra Miller.

They are accused of breaking and entering and stealing several bottles of alcohol.

The VSP were notified of the burglary complaint by the owner of the residence. They claimed several bottles of alcohol were taken from the premises.

Surveillance footage and witness statements led police to charge Miller with the crime. They were issued a citation to appear in Vermont Superior Court for an arraignment.

This isn’t the only crime the actor has been accused of. As many commenters have pointed out, it looks like Miller is accused of crimes in different places often.

Earlier this year, Miller was charged in Hawaii for attacking bar patrons because other people started singing karaoke. They are accused of shouting obscenities at and stealing the microphone from a woman as she sang.

Then the actor allegedly lunged at a man playing darts.

While in Hawaii, Miller befriended a 25-year-old mother and invited her and her children to live on his farm in Vermont. The mother, who was caught in an embattled custody case against her children’s father, accepted and has been living there with her kids since.

There, people accused Miller of providing an unsafe environment for the kids, with weapons and firearms lying out in the open and heavy cannabis use in front of the children without concern for proper ventilation. The reportedly chaotic environment has the father of the children worried and trying to get his kids back.

And this isn’t even getting started on the supposed cult Miller started in Iceland or the restraining order filed against them for allegedly grooming an Indigenous child activist.

How have they done so much in so many places?

Despite all the controversy surrounding Miller, their films don’t seem to be affected.

Warner Bros still released the Harry Potter spinoff films, the Fantastic Beast series. And despite canceling so many other projects in the DCU pipeline, The Flash starring Miller as the titular hero is still scheduled to be released.

It sounds like a bad joke.

Miller was cited and summoned to court on September 26 to face their burglary charges.

Representatives for the actor have not given any statements to publications at the time of this writing.