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Drunk Man Who Went 'Missing' Joins Massive Search Party To Help Look For Himself In Epic Fail

kali9/Getty Images

A drunk, Turkish man joined a search party, only to realize the person they were searching for was himself.

Beyhan Mutlu, 50, was out drinking with his friends when he wandered off in the forest and didn't return. His friends grew worried and called authorities to set up search and rescue.

Little did they know the one they were looking for joined them.

In addition to police, a group of volunteers combed the forest and nearby neighborhoods to search for the missing man.

In this group of volunteers, the drunk man joined to help.

After a few hours of calling out Mutlu's name, the man realized they were looking for him. He announced his presence and the search ended.

After discovering the man alive and safe, police took a statement from the man and escorted him home.

At the very least this is just a fun story. There are worse things you can do while drunk.

Still, he must have been pretty drunk for this to happen.

This isn't the first time someone joined their own search party.

In 2012, a tourist to Iceland failed to return to her bus. The group looking for her didn't realize she had changed her clothes and freshened up her makeup, leading to no one recognizing her.

Once she realized they were looking for her, she informed the bus driver and the search was called off.