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Drew Barrymore Admits She Believed E.T. Was Real—And It's All Thanks To Steven Spielberg

Barrymore recently reunited with costars Henry Thomas, Robert MacNaughton and Dee Wallace to talk about the beloved film.

Drew Barrymore; publicity still of Drew Barrymore as  child with E.T. character
CBS; Universal Studios

For many born in the 80s and 90s, the movie E.T. is a childhood classic. The film's widespread appeal is centered around the possibility of sparking a friendship with an extraterrestrial creature.

However for Drew Barrymore, E.T. was more than simple childhood imagination.

The actor played the character of Gertie in the movie when she was 5 years-old. Barrymore recently revealed on her talk show that as a child star she believed E.T. was actually alive.

See the clip below:

Barrymore hosted her E.T. costars Henry Thomas, Robert MacNaughton and Dee Wallace on The Drew Barrymore Show leading the stars to reminisce about the actor's obsession with the cinematic alien.

The lifelike E.T. robot which was used in the movie was a popular attraction for a young Drew Barrymore. She was often spotted by her costars talking to the robot and at one point even requested he be given a scarf during a particularly cold day.

Director Steven Spielberg was attuned to the young actor's imagination and so he recruited two crew members to keep E.T. "alive" so Barrymore could live out her childhood fantasy.

The actor came to the set each day and took lunch to E.T. making sure his needs were met.

Many in the comments had similar experiences to Barrymore as children who watched E.T.

Others commended director Steven Spielberg for bringing E.T. to life.

While, some remembered the movie's ending bringing them to tears.

Unfortunately for fans hoping for a modern day sequel, Barrymore and company shared Spielberg will likely not make one. The star further claimed Spielberg said he would "never" remake the movie.

Instead, the director has decided to leave it as the classic it is.

Spielberg is now working on an autobiographical project called The Fabelmans which may feature some of the moments that went into the making of E.T..