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Dr. Oz Roasted After Whining That Dr. Fauci Hasn't Answered His Challenge To Debate Him About The Virus

Dr. Oz Roasted After Whining That Dr. Fauci Hasn't Answered His Challenge To Debate Him About The Virus
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There’s nothing more desperate than begging, particularly when it’s so blatantly done online for all the world to see.

Former TV doctor Mehmet Oz is running for a seat in the U.S. Senate to represent Pennsylvania as a Republican—even though he reportedly lives in New Jersey. Despite poor performance in GOP straw polls, Oz is spending time trying to stage a debate with contagious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Oz is insistent on debating him.

One would think Oz should be focused on his Senate campaign, yet he’s devoting a significant amount of time to challenging Dr. Anthony Fauci, the immunologist that has been the main face of government response to the pandemic.

Dr. Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, and is now the Chief Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden. Despite what should be a fairly non-political position, Fauci’s recommendations were often contradicted by former President Donald Trump at the start of the pandemic.

Oz—running as a Republican—likely sees challenging Dr. Fauci as a quick way to get support from Trump fans.

However, doing so vocally and often for no discernible reason, has backfired.

Oz’s campaign for Senate has proven a less fruitful endeavor than he likely hoped. On top of the internet making fun of him and his former mentor Oprah refusing to endorse his candidacy, his straw polls have proven less than optimistic.

In January, despite having large cash backings, Oz finished third and fourth in polls. It’s believed he lacked support from GOP activists.

Two weeks ago, a poll put Oz at the lead of GOP candidates, but an almost equal portion of those polled were undecided, more than enough to swing the vote for his challengers.

For a campaign that he’s reportedly put over $5 million of his own money into, this is probably a little disappointing. So why spend all his time trying to debate Dr. Fauci?

Especially since Fauci probably has better things to do.

Pennsylvania will be holding primaries on May 18th. While the date is creeping up, there’s still plenty of time for the Senate race to swing in different ways.

While the seat Oz is running for was vacated by a Republican, Pennsylvania voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential Election. Democrats see the open seat as their best chance of gaining more influence in the divided Senate.