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Dan Levy's Mom Offers Mic Drop Message To His Childhood Bullies Ahead Of His 'SNL' Hosting Gig

George Pimentel/Getty Images

For many people it is one of life's greatest ambitions to prove our bullies wrong by our accomplishments. It's an ambition only exceeded by parents wanting the same things for their bullied children.

Deborah Divine—mom to Dan Levy of Schitt's Creek and The Happiest Season—most certainly could not wait to throw Levy's upcoming SNL gig in the face of his childhood bullies.

She tweeted:

"This goes out to the bully punks at Camp WTF who made life miserable for a certain cabin-mate back in the the summer of '96 - just because he was different."
"Well, after all these years I have just 7 words to say to you: 'Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!'"

Levy, whose work with Schitt's Creek received various accolades and award nods, appeared on Saturday Night Live last Saturday in a fabulous sparkly suit.

You can catch his monologue here:

And people across the internet were living for his mom's tweet.

Levy's writing—particularly the storyline he penned for his own character David Rose in Schitt's Creek—has received support from queer audiences and institutions, notably for depicting a queer character in an environment free from homophobia.

And though Schitt's Creek Is over, Levy's career is just beginning.

Dan felt the love from dad Eugene Levy too.

May all our parents be as supportive and fierce as Dan Levy's.