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Tucker Carlson Stokes Fox News Viewers' Fears With Warning Afghan Refugees Will 'Invade' U.S.

Tucker Carlson Stokes Fox News Viewers' Fears With Warning Afghan Refugees Will 'Invade' U.S.
Fox News

Following the shocking and devastating takeover of Kabul from the Taliban, the world watched in horror as crowds stormed the Kabul airport in hopes of escaping the rule of the Taliban, with some even clinging on to a US military jet and falling to their deaths

But as the world continues to process the future of Afghanistan and its people in the midst of this humanitarian crisis, the only concern of Fox News' Tucker Carlson seems to be the impending "invasion" of Afghan refugees.

The conservative TV host used the July 16 episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight as an opportunity to scare and rile up his viewers, a portion of which was posted to Twitter byThe Daily Beast contributing editor Justin Baragona.

In a heated monologue Carlson criticized those both on the left and the right for their support of asylum.

He declared President Joe Biden and his supporters should be "groveling for our forgiveness", warning his viewers their neighborhoods will soon be inundated with refugees from Afghanistan.

"If history is any guide, and it's always a guide, we will see many refugees from Afghanistan settle in our country in coming months, probably in your neighborhood, and over the next decade that number may swell to the millions."
"So first we invade, and then we're invaded, it is always the same."

Carlson also wasted no time in comparing opening the door for refugees from Afghanistan to the United States/Mexico border.

"The people who made the Afghan occupation possible would like to see a lot more of our southern border, much more unrestrained immigration to the U.S. 'Bring in the refugees!' they're screaming."

Few people were surprised Carlson's only concern over this humanitarian crisis would be the "threat" of Afghan refugees seeking a better life in the United States.

Indeed, Matthew Gertz, a senior fellow at Media Matters for America—a left-leaning not-for profit which calls out misinformation espoused by Fox News and their ilk—even predicted Carlson's ignorant, xenophobic tirade merely hours before Carlson took to the air.

There was an overall lack of surprise at Carlson's opinions on the situation in Afghanistan, but there was ample disgust and anger.

Carlson has openly espoused the "great replacement" theory, a conspiracy theory which claims immigrants are gradually replacing White people in "western civilization"—which includes Europe and the Americas—on multiple occasions.

While White nationalists tend to conveniently forget, it is an undisputed fact White people are not Indigenous to any land in the Americas. In the United States and Canada, the White majority are the original invading "great replacement" that White nationalist rhetoric now warns people about.

And while their ancestors achieved a majority through government sanctioned genocide of Indigenous peoples, the "great replacement" people like Carlson now warn against would be achieved through immigration, asylum, birthrates and interracial marriages. His xenophobic, racist rhetoric is straight from the fearmongering material used by White supremacist and White nationalist groups to recruit members.

This past April, Carlson made an appearance on Fox News Prime Time where he declared the Democrats were trying to "replace the current electorate with more obedient voters from the third world."

More recently, during an appearance on Fox and Friends, Carlson claimed the Biden administration's lack of enforcement to deportation laws at the southern border was a means of increasing the number of voters in the Democratic party.

Though, as even Carson noted on his program, bringing refugees from Afghanistan is not at all a partisan issue, as evidenced by Mitt Romney taking to Twitter and stressing the importance of Asylum for Afghan refugees.

As reported by The Huffington Post, The Pentagon plans to resettle 22,000 Afghan refugees using US Military facilities as interim placement, with over 2,000 possessing special immigration visas having already been moved, in addition to interpreters, journalists and NGO workers—along with their spouses, children and extended family—likely to be targeted by the Taliban.