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People Share The Best Flirting Tips And Tricks They Know

Reddit user NIKIredd_it asked: 'What flirting tricks work well?'

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When it comes to making a connection with someone you like or find attractive, flirting helps. Being funny, a little teasing, and generally just bantering with another person can make the other person feel at ease and both of you will have a good time.

However, that's easier said than done. Flirting is not easy, and can even be nerve-wracking, especially if you don't know the person well.

For me, I'm a lot braver over text, and while I can flirt well over text, part of the reason is that I'm good friends with them already. Otherwise, I wouldn't have their number.

When it comes to flirting in person, I like to make a connection with them first, so I only approach guys if I think I can find some common ground. Mention that I love the song "Helena" if they're wearing a My Chemical Romance shirt; tell them I just got my first color tattoo if I see theirs; comment on how cool their Harry Potter watch is (yes, all of these are real experiences).

Making that connection with someone helps me be a little freer with my words and sometimes, flirting can ensue.

That's my tip, but there are lots of tips and tricks when it comes to flirting. Redditors have plenty of tips and are eager to share.

It all started when Redditor NIKIredd_it asked:

"What flirting tricks work well?"


"Make them laugh and it will break the ice."

– beaux_beaux_

"Ah tickle tickle tickle."

– Banditofbingofame

"Mmhmm, if I was in a flirty situation with a person I liked and they tickled me, I’d be sucked in, although it would have to be with someone I knew well, or had been previously acquainted with and had really good vibes with. Not just someone I’d just met that night. That would be yucky and I politely ask you don’t try that and don’t touch people you barely know."

"It promotes a small amount amount of intimacy between people, while not going too far. I am however very ticklish, so I may be a bit biased towards the tactic. There are also a lot of people who adamantly hate being tickled so that’s a gamble you’d have to be willing to take."

– Malevolent_cookies

A Look

"I don't know about flirting, but I have learned that there is a subtle difference between a look of interest and the stare of a psychopath."

– Adubya76

"Have you tried staring with wide eyes and an underbite-clenched jaw?"

– OkAnything4877

Friends First

"Joking around and building a friendship or a comfortable relationship always seems to work first.joking around and building a friendship or a comfortable relationship always seems to work first."

– KHrunninNE

"To add. don’t go into thinking you’re gonna go somewhere. just be actually interested in getting to know the person first. they might seem alright and turn out to be an asshole lol."

– puffyanu


"I saw this on Instagram."

"Taps guy on the shoulder."

“"Hey, my friend in the corner thinks you’re hot.""

"Walks to the corner and waves."

"All the guys that were standing there were stunned, it 100% worked lol"."

– FalseWeeknd

Also Cute

""What's your friend's name?""


""Can you tell Courtney that I think her friend is cute?""

"I've seen that one work really well."

– Ryanguy7890

Actually Pretty Bold

""Hi, my name is..." (inset name here) "...I do not know how to flirt but if I did I'd be flirting so hard with you right now. Would you like to engage in..." (looks at note cards) ."...further conversation?""

– varthalon

"You know, if you got the delivery just right, this would be funny as hell and just might work on the right person."

– GozerDGozerian

"Anyone not finding this funny is NOT the right person, nobody gets a happy relationship where everything feels so mechanical and everything has to be serious, i feel for the people that cant have a laugh or a sense of humor."

– CptAngelo

Meet Cute

"I’ve been super successful with eye contact. For example, I was walking through the airport and held someone’s eye contact for longer than normal. It made him trip over his own feet."

– fineapplejones

"Helps to know first aid and keep your first aid kit close when using this method, then you'll really build that bond when you treat the facial swelling from them walking into a pole. It's totally cinematic."

"Cut to: Internal: Owen Wilson seated at the Starbucks, ice pack on his forehead, Jennifer Aniston giving him ibuprofen, wincing with compassion, the start of something grand..."

""Owww... can't tell if this is the best or the worst part of my day... Although I'm thinking it's my best.""

""Well if this your best I'd hate to see your worst!" "

"Both laugh."

""Haha OWW wow maybe I'll watch where I'm going next time instead of getting lost in your eyes!""

""Oh, a charmer, well well, hubba hubba!""

"I am not good at this."

– LetsTryToFigureItOut

Check Out Method

"From the guys side I used a slightly different approach."

"Check her out."

"When she catches you, look away."

"But smile."

"Look back at her, and give her a bigger smile."

"If she’s smiles back, you’re in!"

"Talk to them like a normal person, and ask for their number."

"I think it works because she knows you find her attractive, it’s a little moment the rest of the world isn’t involved in, it’s innocent and non threatening."

– dsmguy83

"All Hail The New York Giants!"

"Just quote anything from the Madagascar movies."

– IndependentGolf5421

"“I'll see you around, girl. It won't be hard, because you so... plumpy.”"

"Pretty sure I’m getting slapped if I use this one."

– JuiceDrinker9998

"“I like to move it move it.”"

– serialkiller24

Be Yourself...Sort Of

"Just be you and force yourself to talk if shy and/or introverted."


""Just be you while not being you at all.""

– gramathy

Bluish-Brownish-Greenish Color

""I've never seen eyes that exact color before, they're beautiful.""

– NickDanger3di

"They're.. such a brown shade of brown."

– ballgreens

Good Advice

"Compliment choices, not bodies."

"Don't say "you look hot" say "you look amazing in that dress". Dont say "I love how hot you look tonight" say "your hair looks so good, is that a new look?""

"If someone clearly put work into looking good, they want to be told their effort paid off. The best thing to compliment is whatever the boldest or most high-effort thing about them is. If they've got a huge ribbon in their hair? Compliment the ribbon. If they've got a lot of eye makeup on for a bold look? Compliment how great their eyes look. If they have a form fitting dress that almost looks tailored for them specifically? Compliment the dress."

"Don't say nice hair, or you have pretty eyes... They know that."

"What will likely happen after a compliment is they'll talk about their choice, and now you're having a conversation."

– GigaSnaight

A Well Executed Line

"How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the Ice. Hi, I’m {insert name}."

"Hasn’t worked yet but I’m confident."

– Bananiguns

How Cheesy

"Give them a 12 kg wheel of cheese."

– KitoKatho03

"A girl once gave me a small wheel of cheese on Valentine's. We were dating by the end of the month. She was crazy but still. Good cheese."

– TheOfficialKD

"The way this would actually work on me."

– AccessVast3440

Me too. Cheese is always a winner!

Do you have any to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.