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Barbie Just Unveiled Their First Ever Doll With Down Syndrome–And The Internet Is Cheering

'Good Morning America' announced a new partnership between Mattel and the National Down Syndrome Society to debut the latest doll for the inclusive Barbie Fashionista line.

TikTok screenshots of Barbie unveiling

On Tuesday, Mattel unveiled a Barbie with Down Syndrome as part of the brand's inclusive Fashionista line.

The newest Barbie joins other dolls in the Fashionista line with wheelchairs, hearing aids, cochlear implants, prosthetic limbs and other adaptive aids. There are also dolls with vitiligo.

You can see part of the line here, including the new doll:

Good Morning America announced Mattel's collaboration with the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) during the live unveiling for the doll.

The organization and Mattel worked together to accurately represent the Down Syndrome community.

The Barbie reflects unique physical characteristics typical for people with Down Syndrome.

This includes being shorter in stature as well having almond-shaped eyes, smaller features and a single crease in the palm. The Barbie wears pink supportive ankle orthotics and a blue and yellow patterned dress with butterflies - all symbols associated with Down Syndrome.

The doll also sports a necklace displaying three upward-facing arrows, which represents Trisomy 21, the three copies of the 21st chromosome that cause Down Syndrome.

The symbol also represents the "lucky few" who are fortunate to have people with Down Syndrome in their lives and also symbolizes "rising up and moving forward."

Barbie shared their support on Twitter.

People on social media shared their excitement over the newest Barbie and celebrated Mattel's commitment to inclusivity and representation.

The Barbie Fashionista line now has more than 175 dolls featuring a mix of looks that include varying skin tones, eye colors, body types and disabilities.

The doll is available at major retailers for $10.99, but we have a feeling they'll go fast.