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Dashcam Catches Driver Sucker-Punching Texas TV Meteorologist During Road Rage Incident

CBS Austin meteorologist Avery Tomasco's dashcam captured what happened after a minor fender bender turned violent.

Screenshots of Avery Tomasco and attacker

An Austin meteorologist's dashcam recorded a driver who sucker-punched him following a minor collision turned road rage incident.

Avery Tomasco, a meteorologist for CBS Austin, was driving on Mopac in North Austin after picking up his daughter from daycare when a Toyota Prius unexpectedly pulled into his lane without slowing down, resulting in a fender bender.

He jokingly tweeted that the two pulled over, exchanged information and carried on with their day.

But that was definitely not the scenario that played out.

Tomasco said the Prius continued down the road until he was finally able to get the driver's attention at which time they both pulled into a nearby shopping center.

When Tomasco got out to assess the damage and discuss the incident, the other driver approached him and then—without any warning—swung at him.

And Tomasco's dashcam caught it all.

Tomasco shared with CBS Austin:

"It was a sucker punch."
“He said one sentence with an obscenity in there — ‘You hit my blank car,’ and I replied, ‘No, you hit my car.’ And that’s when he swung with his entire force.”

Viewers of the video noted they were happy that Tomasco was okay after the incident, but they were shocked that it transpired nonetheless.

Many also commented on Tomasco's stellar reflexes...

... which he attributed to his taekwondo training.

All in all, though, Tomasco, too, was grateful things didn't escalate further thanks to an off-duty officer who was nearby.

Tomasco also shared that because he had video evidence, he was able to press charges against his attacker.

He later shared his relief that a warrant had been issued.

Tomasco hoped followers of the story learned a lesson or two from his experience and urged them to be careful and "BUY A DASHCAM."

Not a bad idea - stay safe out there, y'all!