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Arizona Sky Turns Deep Purple Thanks To Lights From Medical Marijuana Farm

The sky turned purple in Arizona (Cara Smith)

The sky in an area of Arizona glowed bright purple as lights from a nearby medical marijuana farm reflected snow clouds in the area.

The photo was taken by resident Cara Smith at 6:30am last Friday in the Snowflake area of Navajo County.

Posting on its official Facebook page, Navajo County said:

“The snow wasn't the only gift the skies had in store for us this morning…This photo taken from Snowflake, AZ early this morning showcased purple glow for miles!"

A combination of red and blue lights that help the plants grow were reflected by snow clouds and fog, causing the purple light to spread across the sky.

Smith said she took the photo from her home, around two miles away from the farm.

She said: “The lights are from a nearby medical marijuana farm, Copperstate Farms...combined with the lingering snow clouds and fog caused it to glow the way it did."