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Vocal Anti-Vax Baseball Hall Of Famer Dragged Hard After Awkwardly Dropping A Foul Ball


When your legacy involves the highs of a Hall of Fame baseball player, and the lows of an anti-vaxxer, you can be sure people will react when you're in the news. One way or another, people will have a comment.

Former Atlanta Braves player, Chipper Jones was caught dropping a foul ball hit out in the stands where he was sitting.

Sure, he hasn't played a Major League game in nearly ten years, but that didn't stop fans from giving a good-natured ribbing.

Others used the moment to remind the public of Jones' more eccentric ideas. The former baseball player became infamous several years ago for claiming that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, though he later apologized after he learned the truth.

More recently, Jones has pushed the anti-vaccine position of "asking questions" and "think for [himself]" in regard to the incredibly safe and effective preventative measures to fight COVID-19.

Jones argued with a baseball fan on Twitter who attacked his stance on vaccines, tweeting,

"No, I'm just not a sheep, like you. I ask questions, I wait, I don't line people's wallets. I think for myself, fend for myself."
"Difference tween me and you??? I don't hate you, for thinking differently. Enjoy ur never ending line of booster shots bro! And good luck to ur Mets."

Folks online decided no one should ever forget the harmful viewpoint that Jones pushes, and tweeted in kind.

Vaccines are the safest and most effective treatment we have in preventing the spread and harm of the current pandemic. If you have the capability to get the vaccine, please do, to protect yourself and the people around you.