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Anti-Mask Woman Threatens To Sue Dentist's Office After They Refuse To Clean Her Teeth

Anti-Mask Woman Threatens To Sue Dentist's Office After They Refuse To Clean Her Teeth

With how poorly the United States government has handled the current pandemic, it's heartening to see people do what they can to protect each other.

Wearing a mask is the least we can ask other people to do to protect the general public. But as we've seen, that can be just too much for some people.

Well we have another Karen throwing a public tantrum because they were asked to do the bare minimum.

In the above video, a woman is trying to get a dentist to see her, but is encountering the problem of "rules."

Well, she can't have that, now can she?

The dental office is requiring patients wear a facial covering while waiting to be seen and to have their temperature taken to ensure they don't have a fever.

Karen argues against the process the dental office has set up to protect their staff.

"You're gonna work on my teeth, not my nose, I don't wear a mask getting my teeth cleaned."

She was turned down and told it's for the safety of the staff.

This upset the Karen.

Karen tries to make this work, by placing her hand over her mouth.

"Fine I'll cover my mouth. Can I go be seated now?"

The employee responds:

"No, because you're not filling out the forms and letting us take your temperature. It's about protecting our staff."

This is too much for Karen, who throws the biggest tantrum.

"You can't take my temperature. That's against the law. You're not an MD."
"I have a right to sue you for harassing me, the manager, and this entire company — Smile, whatever you call it, Dental. I do have that right, and I talked to my attorney before I came here, too."
"So does he want that to happen? I've waited long enough for my teeth to be cleaned. OK? Let's get this done, OK?"

Slow your roll there, Karen.

That's not how any of this works.

It's fun to laugh at these situations, but there is a real danger.

The United States is dealing with a high number of positive cases of the virus considering many states are reopening or never really closed to begin with.

This isn't just a matter of the country's population. The rate of people testing positive compared to the number of tests administered is unbelievably high compared to other countries.

You could make the argument that this is because the country is only testing those presenting symptoms, predisposing the test to find positive cases. But this isn't good either.

According to John Hopkins University:

"If a positivity rate is too high, that may indicate that the state is only testing the sickest patients who seek medical attention, and is not casting a wide enough net to know how much of the virus is spreading within its communities."

Since our states aren't doing a proper job of protecting us, we must do our best to protect each other.

And if you choose to not do that, you're probably going to end up on Reddit's 'Public Freakout' board with the internet dunking on you.

"If you have the right not to wear a mask, then a business has the right not to serve you."
"A business protecting their employees is right... Getting angry at a business for asking you to wear a mask is not right." - notaedivad
"I just went to my dentist today.. wore a mask til I was in the chair, they took my temp at the door and gave me hand sanitizer twice... and i lived to tell the tale" - LLminibean
"I had a manger that would stop talking to people when they mentioned lawyers or a lawsuits. He'd say something like " Well since it's a legal dispute know I'm not allowed to discuss it with you and you'll have to speak with our corporate lawyers".
"I worked at a Perkins and you'd be surprised how many times people would say sh** like that." - Thee-lorax-
"No wonder her teeth need to be cleaned with that amount of bulls*** coming out of her mouth" - CTHULHU_RDT