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News Anchor Suspended After Blasting Network On Air For Callous Treatment Of Co-Anchor Who Resigned

News Anchor Suspended After Blasting Network On Air For Callous Treatment Of Co-Anchor Who Resigned

Last week, viewers of LA-based news station KTLA were confused and shocked when it was announced mid-broadcast that after 24 years, weekend morning news anchor Lynette Romero "has decided to move on from anchoring" to pursue "another opportunity elsewhere."

Entertainment reporter Sam Rubin informed viewers:

"Some news we've just been handed here that we wanted to share with you first about a member of our KTLA family, after nearly 24 years, Lynette Romero, our friend Lynette, has decided to move on from anchoring our weekend morning news."
"KTLA management had hoped she would stay here her entire career, and KTLA worked hard to make that happen, but Lynette has decided to move on to another opportunity elsewhere."

Viewers were none too pleased with the abrupt exit of one of their favorite anchors, many questioning if there were underlying reasons for the sudden departure.

Romero's former co-anchor Mark Mester also believed she was treated unfairly and addressed the issue on-air the following morning. His apology to viewers led to his suspension.

You can view the two-part video below:

The rest of the segment is below:

During the segment, Mester apologized to viewers for the "unfortunate" and "inappropriate" handling of the situation and also apologized to Romero :

"Lynette deserved to say goodbye. It didn't happen."
"I don't know who wrote the script, I don't know who handed it to Sam Rubin. Regardless, this was a mistake."
"We owe you an apology, and we owe Lynette an apology."

Mester also tweeted the referenced message in the sky for Romero:

Mester was suspended from the station following the broadcast.

Fans of Romero and Mester shared their support for the duo while also criticizing KTLA:

We have learned that Mester hired an attorney following his suspension.

Although viewers of KTLA news will certainly miss Mester and Romero on their screens, we wish them well on their future endeavors, wherever they may be.