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Judge Rules Studios Can Be Sued For Misleading Trailers Thanks To Outraged Ana De Armas Fans

Fans of the actor were up in arms after she was featured in the trailer for 'Yesterday'—yet didn't appear in the actual film.

Ana de Armas
Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images

Blonde star Ana de Armas has some devoted fans.

Two in particular filed a lawsuit in January after renting the movie Yesterday which featured de Armas in the trailer. When the fans watched the film, however, de Armas was nowhere to be seen.

She was cut completely from the movie.

You can see de Armas around the 1:53 mark in the Yesterday trailer below.

Yesterday (2019) - Movie

According to Variety, the lawsuit stated:

"Because consumers were promised a movie with Ana de Armas by the trailer for 'Yesterday,' but did not receive a movie with any appearance of Ana de Armas at all, such consumers were not provided with any value for their rental or purchase."

The lawsuit accused Universal of deceptive marketing and sought $5 million on behalf of consumers.

Though Universal tried to get it thrown out, it seems that the lawsuit could actually move forward as the federal judge rejected Universal's arguments regarding "artistic, expressive work" protected by the First Amendment as well as the fact that trailers often feature clips that don't make the final cut.

Some users on Twitter thought a lawsuit over the matter was a bit ridiculous.

Some, however, agreed and pointed out they too have been let down by unfulfilled trailer promises.

Though we don't know what the future holds for Universal, we're sure the lawsuit will make studios think twice before finalizing their trailers.