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Alex Jones Was Caught On Video Screaming At A Pile Of Poo—And Twitter Came With The Jokes 😂

Alex Jones Was Caught On Video Screaming At A Pile Of Poo—And Twitter Came With The Jokes 😂
Elizabeth Nolan Brown/Twitter

Alex Jones was filmed shouting at a pile of excrement on the street outside a Republican rally in Texas.

Perhaps it was a metaphor for Jones' life lately?

Twitter announced on Tuesday that 18 additional accounts linked to the right-wing conspiracy theorist and his show Infowars were removed due to violations of its abusive behavior policy—but the 44-year-old showed no signs of going easy on the defenseless mound of poo.

The video was taken by Reason journalist Elizabeth Nolan Brown outside a rally being held by President Donald Trump and Republican Senator Ted Cruz in Texas ahead of the forthcoming midterm elections on November 6.

Nolan tweeted of the Jones footage:

“Don't say I didn't bring you any scoops from this thing."

In the clip, Jones appears to be addressing the fecal matter as if it were Representative Beto O'Rourke, the Democrat who is challenging Ted Cruz for his Texas Senate seat in the midterm elections on November 6.

The radio show host was also filmed shouting with a megaphone at protesters who set up a giant inflatable Trump-baby balloon—which famously flew above London during the President's visit to the United Kingdom.

Jones's interaction with the pile of poo was filmed by a cameraman, on which one Twitter user commented:

“Imagine being the cameraman getting paid to film someone yelling at shit."

Whether or not the footage was being taken for Jones's show Infowars is unclear, but some commenting on the video felt the poo was misjudged and undeserving of Jones' abuse.

Others just brought the jokes.

And not all the jokes were at Jones' expense.

Others felt the video perfectly fit the times.

Twitter permanently suspended the accounts @realalexjones and @infowars in early September after they were reported by fellow users for repeated violations of the Twitter Terms of Service agreement (TOS).

Other tech companies such as PayPal, YouTube, Apple, Spotify and Facebook also limited or banned Jones's activities on their sites due to repeated flagrant violations of their TOS.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.