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Professional Lip Reader Reveals What Jennifer Lopez Said To Ben Affleck During Grammys Spat

The Hollywood couple didn't realize they were on camera during a terse exchange during the awards show.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
2023 Grammy Awards/CBS

The star of the internet's new favorite meme is now at the center of another debate: What did J.Lo say?

If you recall, Ben Affleck attended the Grammys with his wife Jennifer Lopez and appeared to be miserable every time he was captured on camera.

While Affleck's bored expression quickly made the rounds on social media, another moment of the night caught viewers' attention and became a new obsession.

During the event, Trevor Noah brought a bit to the audience near Bennifer (does that still work 20 years later?), and as he moved away from the couple, Lopez and Affleck had a brief—but seemingly unpleasant—conversation.

Unbeknownst to them, however, they were still in view of the camera, giving everyone at home—and subsequently everyone on the internet—a glimpse of their whisper spat.

The Twitterverse took to the platform summoning lip readers everywhere to shed light on the topic of conversation.

Well, The Daily Mail took matters into their own hands and commissioned a professional lip reader who shared that the following conversation took place:

"J.Lo: 'Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated.'"
"Ben: 'I might.'"

See what you think.

We can definitely see that.

Viewers weighed in on the new information.

Many were sympathetic toward Ben, who was likely out of his element as an introvert at such an energetic and interactive event.

Others noted that these kinds of quick quarrels occur all the time with any couple.

Of course, others had their own theories.

Whatever the spat was about, it didn't seem to be a big deal as Lopez later took to Instagram to share:

"Always the best night with my love, my husband."

We're glad to know love won in the end.