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A 'Bachelorette' Contestant Put Two Whole Avocados Into A Blender—And People Were Not OK 😵

A 'Bachelorette' Contestant Put Two Whole Avocados Into A Blender—And People Were Not OK 😵

An Australian Bachelorette contestant named Ivan Krslovic committed a world-class blunder by attempting to blend two whole avocados. Dude...seriously??

This poor guy needs major help in the kitchen.

While trying to create a dessert called "Avocado Mousse," Krslovic hilariously shoved two large, unpeeled avocados into a blender. As you might have guessed...this didn't go well!

The clueless contestant's blunder is now going viral worldwide.

Here's an interview with an Australian talk show where Krslovic explains himself.

Ivan Krslovic Talks 'The Bachelorette' And Avocado Blunder | Studio

Krslovic told hosts of Studio 10 that he simply "followed the directions" by placing two whole avocados in the blender, and suggested he's never seen an avocado unless it was already prepared on a "breakfast plate."

The internet was left howling at his adorable mistake.

How can one man be SO ignorant? Twitter investigated.

Even people's mothers were left completely baffled.

Some just can't believe an adult could be this clueless in the kitchen.

One hilarious Tweet suggested Australia needs to move on from the embarrassment.

Sadly, Krslovic didn't receive a rose from the Bachelorette, eliminating him from the competition. It's unclear whether his culinary mishap factored into that outcome, but it certainly didn't help!

H/T: Buzzfeed, Studio 10