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93-Year-Old Woman Dies After Being Served Dishwashing Liquid Instead Of Juice At Senior Living Facility

93-Year-Old Woman Dies After Being Served Dishwashing Liquid Instead Of Juice At Senior Living Facility
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An investigation is ongoing after a woman died and two more were hospitalized from a senior living facility after being served a toxic chemical to drink.

According to reports, an unidentified staff member mistook a dishwashing liquid for juice.

Atria Park, an assisted living center in San Mateo, California confirmed three residents were “recently transported to the hospital” over the weekend. It was there that 93-year-old resident Gertrude Maxwell passed away due to the ingestion of toxic materials.

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The situation left many confused about how this could happen.

Maria Cutchin, daughter of Maxwell, was told Saturday morning an ambulance was called for her mother after she ingested a dangerous substance. She was told it was an “alkaline cleaning solution that eats protein.”

When Maxwell arrived at the hospital, she had “severe blistering of her mouth and throat and esophagus.” The emergency responders were under the impression the victims had ingested the chemical on their own, but that didn’t sit right with Cutchin.

According to her, Maxwell couldn’t feed herself.

“Many people, like my mother, you have to hold a cup to her mouth and tip it into her mouth.”

As a result of this incident, San Mateo Police Department launched an investigation into how the residents ingested the chemical.

Atria Park gave a statement on what happened.

“We can confirm three of our residents were recently transported to the hospital after mistakenly being served dishwashing liquid as drinking juice. We have been working with local authorities, who have informed us that one resident passed away”
“We are conducting our own internal investigation, and the employees involved have been suspended until this investigation concludes.

The whole situation sounds horrible.

San Mateo Police are continuing their investigation. The names of any employees involved have not been released.

In addition, Atria Park is conducting their own internal investigation to determine how something like this could happen.