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Bra Ad's Awkwardly-Placed Fabric Close-Up Makes Model Appear To Have One Giant Boob

A UK advertisement gone wrong has caused a great bust debacle for the model, whose editing job made it appear as though she had one giant breast.

Lounge Underwear, the company which ran the ad, were trying to promote their new line of lingerie when they ran an Instagram story that caused hilarity across the internet.

The poor editing job seems to just be a case of wrong place, wrong time--the circle zooming in on the lace is unfortunately placed directly over the model's breast, making it appear enlarged.

"Who the f**k received this ad design and thought 'yes this looks fine, nothing weird stands out to me, approved,'" said one annoyed user, "and why are they allowed to be in charge?"

Another user simply said:

"Graphic design is my passion."

The brand themselves posted a reaction of them finding out they had made the editing error:

And the model said she got a good laugh after she was kept "abreast" of the situation.

"I completely understand what Lounge was going for with this photo, trying to highlight the stitching/pattern on the bra, but maybe there could have been better placement for the 'enhanced' photo."

The model said she has no hard feelings, and the brand don't seem to have fired anyone...yet.