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Elon Musk's Hypocrisy Gets Put On Blast After He Mocks Companies That Show Support For Pride

Elon Musk's PR transformation from youthful golden boy bastion of hope to some sort of futuristic Scrooge-esque cartoonish villain is nearly complete.

He's been at the center of a lot of ire lately, but a recent tweet has people calling him out yet again.

This time for blatant, laughable, hypocrisy.

June is Pride Month, a time to celebrate for the LGBTQ+ community and a time for corporations to slap a rainbow on everything and rake in the dough.

So we're not saying Musk is wrong if his Pride-Month-Eve tweet was trying to make some sort of commentary about corporate rainbow washing and the ways big business uses Pride Month to actually target, rather than celebrate, the LGBTQ+ community.

There are absolutely valid conversations to be had there.

Except that's not what this meme looks like to most.

Here's what he posted the night of May 31.

We're not sure what reaction Elon was going for, or what Mr. Musk was actually trying to say with the tweet.

What we do know is that Twitter reactions mostly fell into two camps.

First, we have a group we are lovingly calling "Camp WTF" because their reaction was, essentially, "wtf?"

Accurate group name is accurate.

Secondly we have "Camp Call Out."

This group of people were quick to point out that Elon's tweet makes no sense if it's supposed to be some sort of commentary on corporate rainbow washing - especially when you take into account how hard Tesla leans into Pride.

And Elon's past tweets previously supporting the same community he was now poking at.

Camp Call Out came in swinging.

So yeah, that tweet didn't go down well - like quite a bit in Musk's life lately.