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Kamala Harris' Stepdaughter Becomes Internet Hero After Upstaging Pence During Inauguration

Ella Emhoff, daughter of Doug Emhoff and stepdaughter of newly inaugurated Vice President Kamala Harris, caught the eyes of many during Wednesday's ceremony with a quirky Miu Miu coat and John Lennon glasses.

But Emhoff's biggest contribution to the inauguration might have actually been a hilarious moment caught by the television cameras.

As outgoing Vice President Mike Pence arrived, Emhoff could be seen wiggling her eyebrows at him behind his back.

With one eyebrow dance, Emhoff endeared herself to seemingly all of social media.

Emhoff was undoubtedly the winner of her unspoken battle with the former Vice President.

Emhoff is a "textiles student specializing in knitwear at Parsons School of Design in New York," though her stepmother, Kamala Harris, has brought her into the spotlight.

She commented on what it's like being part of the media circus, saying:

"When I went to see [my family], it broke that bubble. It's harder to hide. I think for a while New York was a good solace and escape, but now I've embraced [this new life] and I'm trying to let them commingle."

For many, Emhoff's eyebrow dance was the high point of the entire ceremony.

Hopefully the Biden/Harris administration will feature many more appearances from Ella Emhoff and her especially expressive eyebrows.