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TikToker @thatjesusgeneration talking about masturbation being witchcraft

A Christian influencer on TikTok who goes by @thatjesusgeneration on the app left people online slack-jawed after claiming masturbation is "witchcraft."

She failed to reference which chapter and verse she found that information in the Bible.

But she took things a step farther still by claiming it will also place a "generational curse" on your children.

Bet you didn't know you had magical powers the last time you were taking care of business, did you?

The influencer's videos have all been deleted or made private, but recordings are still posted on Twitter, which you can see below.

Rocking back and forth in the most unsettling way possible as if possessed by a demon herself, the influencer claimed:

“Not anyone is realizing that this is a demonic attack and it’s a form of witchcraft."
"Masturbation is a form of control."
"You understand that you are literally controlling an orgasm. You’re controlling your own pleasure."
"That is witchcraft.”

It kind of makes you wonder who this influencer believes is *supposed* to "control your pleasure," but given hard-line Christianity's often disturbing takes on gender roles and "submissive wives" and the like, it's probably best not to go there.

As if that weren't bonkers enough, the TikToker went on to make even more ludicrous claims about masturbation, namely that it will ruin your children's lives, someday, somehow.

She told her followers:

“[Masturbation] is a curse that you begin to place over your own life that will then literally bleed into your future children’s life."
"This means that this will become a generational curse that you started or that your parents started that will now go to the next generation. It’s witchcraft.”

How does this all happen you ask?

Couldn't tell you, because—surprise—the TikToker didn't bother explaining any of her claims. It's almost like some Christians are just making stuff up and blaming God or Jesus for it.

On Twitter, the TikToker's bizarre masturbation freak-out left people slack-jawed.

And of course there were plenty of jokes—many of them from people who definitely have no intention of taking her advice.

Anyway, be careful out there.

You never who you could be injuring while you're alone doing a thing that by its very definition does not involve other people.