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Loopy TikToker Stunned To Learn Dentist Who Took Out Her Wisdom Teeth Doesn't Like Taylor Swift

A woman on TikTok took her love for Taylor Swift incredibly seriously, even after her wisdom teeth were taken out.

Paloma (@2co0l2juul) posted a video of her post-procedure anesthesia induced antics that reached 935.2 thousand likes and 3.7 million views.

Paloma was shocked post-op when she found out her dentist didn't like Taylor Swift.

She captioned the video with:

"Me still defending Taylor Swift with my life after getting my wisdom teeth taken out."

At first she asked if he played any Taylor Swift while he took out her wisdom teeth.

He did not.

Then she asked if he liked Jake Gyllenhaal, to which he replied, "No."

Paloma then asked:

"But you don't like Taylor Swift?"

The dentist responded:

"Not really."

Paloma looked shocked and replied:

"I can't believe I let you perform on me."

Her mother filming and the surgeon burst into laughter.

Paloma then refused to let him take the used gauze out of her mouth because he didn't like the musician.

"No! You don't like Taylor Swift."
"Don't touch me!"

Her mom tried to get her to let the doctor take the gauze out, but Paloma insisted she play a song for him.

She proceeded to play a song and sing along off key.


@taylorswift love and supporting u always❤️ #taylorswift #wisdomteeth

Eventually, she did agree to let him take out the gauze, even though he didn't like Taylor Swift.

Paloma assured us in the comments this was the dentist's only flaw.


Other Swift fans were absolutely behind her choices.









@alliiemcfire/TikTok; @2co0l2juul/TikTok


Never underestimate the dedication of the Swifties.