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Amy Schumer is a truck driver. Did you know that?

Well, no, not really. But a woman identified only as "Amelia" bears such a strong resemblance to Schumer that she went viral for it.

Immediately, someone noted the resemblance "Amelia" (which is suspiciously close to "Amy") had to Schumer, and the tweet flew off like a rocket.

Eventually, Amy Schumer caught wind of the viral tweet and responded.

Schumer's bafflement at the tweet is understandable, because there is an INSANE amount of very strange things happening in this photo.

For one, the woman's shirt reads "Truckin' -N- F**kin'."

For another, the story of the woman having a teardrop tattoo being because she didn't "murder" someone is a strange and unsolicited piece of information.

And then of course, the sign behind her that simply says "STOP pooping in our parking lot."

Really, will a tweet like this ever come around again in our lifetimes?

Once in awhile, the internet really delivers something so chaotic that it deserves a place in the hall of fame.

This is certainly a contender.