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Sean Hannity Caught Off Guard Vaping With His Glasses Crooked After Not Realizing He Was Live

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity was caught off-guard when his show returned from a commercial break.

Hannity's gaze was down, his glasses were crooked and he was most definitely vaping over the commercial break. The camera caught him doing all three of these things live for several seconds before he realized he was on air.

You can see the moment here:

Hannity could do nothing but let out an "uh oh" as he realized he'd been caught.

Hannity's segment is known for angry, conservative commentary—the only shape conservative commentary seems to take these days.

Hannity previously ran several anti-marijuana segments on his show, leading people to be very openly critical of what, exactly, was in his vape.

Laura Ingraham then made fun of him on her segment, leading Hannity to prompt the audience to "enjoy" the moment at his expense, which Twitter clearly has already done.

One funny moment, however, does not erase Hannity's history of erratic and biased reporting.