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New App Created By Pro-Trumpers Is Getting Hilariously Trolled With Nudes—Of Sonic The Hedgehog
James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images; Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

In an effort to do their fascism unencumbered by the rules of common decency or whatever, fans of former Republican President Donald Trump have created their very own Trump-friendly version of Twitter--an app called, for whatever reason, GETTR.

Who knows if it'll successfully compete with Twitter, but it definitely can't compete with the legions of pranksters on the internet--within hours of its launch, hackers had commandeered the anything-goes app by filling it with porn.

But not just any porn--Sonic the Hedgehog porn.

Yes, you read that correctly, the pro-Trump Twitter clone is now a repository of X-rated nudes featuring the furry cartoon character from a video game--and the internet can't get enough.

Though Trump himself has yet to join the app, GETTR was created by Jason Miller, chief spokesman of Trump's 2016 campaign and senior advisor to the former president during his 2020 race. The app positions itself as the "marketplace of ideas" where "fighting cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, and challenging social media monopolies" are its chief goals.

Given those aims, the app has no content moderation, leaving the door wide open for--well, Sonic the Hedgehog porn, among other things.

But it's not just content moderation that Miller's team decided to blow off--they skipped the security protocols too. The app's first day of existence saw more than 85,000 of its users' accounts compromised, with users' names, birthdays and email addresses being stolen. Hilariously, Miller's own account was among those hacked.

Also hilarious: GETTR began banning accounts posting the Sonic the Hedgehog porn, which sort of runs afoul of that whole "defending free speech" thing it holds so dear.

Put it all together, and GETTR was an instant laughingstock on Twitter, and the roasts came in hot.

Well done, internet hooligans, and keep up the good work!