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Scott Baio Tried To Own The Libs With A Pic Of A Pro-Trump Michaels Store Display—But Michaels Wasn't Having It
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images, RiverNorthPhotography/Getty Images

Following President Trump's defeat on election day, many of his followers have been clinging to his last weeks in power as a final opportunity to "own the libs."

Actor Scott Baio, for instance, shared a photo from a Michaels craft store on Twitter.

In the image, candles with letters on them were arranged to read:

"Trump is still your President."

Whether the candles were referring to the period of time before President Biden's inauguration or were supporting President Trump's false claims he could win the 2020 election was unclear.

Either way, many Michaels shoppers were unhappy with the display set up in the store.

Before long, however, Michaels themselves weighed in on Twitter, telling everyone they had not approved the display and had removed it.

The store account tweeted:

"At Michaels we strive to maintain an inclusive environment for all our team members and customers and can confirm this display was not created by Michaels and has been dismantled"

Twitter users were relieved.

Many others online decided Baio's attempted troll deserved a troll in return.

It has been a difficult couple of weeks for the President's supporters.

But at least these random candles are on their side.

Many people online amused themselves by imagining Scott Baio taking the time to arrange these candles in some random Michaels.

Others speculated on Baio's career path.


Baio is correct that Donald Trump is still the President.

Until January 20, 2021, that is.