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Britney Spears And Madonna Recreated Their Iconic Kiss At Britney's Wedding—And It's Everything
Chris Polk/FilmMagic

Britney Spears was finally able to get married, y'all!

The Pop Princess recently had a small wedding, about fifty people, at her home. It's been the talk of the town for a few reasons.

One, the guest list didn't include Britney's immediate family, nor her fist husband—Jason Alexander.

Him not being invited wasn't too surprising since they were only married for two days decades ago. Him showing up to dramatically crash the wedding?

Now that was the surprising part.

The guest list did include new hubby Sam Asgharis family, and the couple's friends. Some of those friends, obviously, were other celebrities.

Among them was Madonna, whose VMAs kisses with Spears and Christina Aguilera set the world on fire way back in 2003.

The kiss was so quick and tame it probably wouldn't make the news now, but it was a defining pop culture moment at the time. The MTV VMA's were now sealed as *the* awards show to watch and people saw the kiss as a sort of passing of torches.

Everything old is new again, and this kiss is no exception. It's baaaack and yes, people are still living for it.

Photos of Britney and Sam's reception have been making the rounds through media. Page Six published a set that included pictures of Selena Gomez adorably celebrating the pair, Paris Hilton and Donatella Versace looking like the definition of statuesque and a pic of the new Mrs. sharing a kiss with Madonna.


The moment is out here changing lives, folks!

We wish Brittany and Sam a love as deep and long-lasting as the love fans have for that kiss.