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'Kent State Gun Girl' Dragged For Kitchen Skills After Saying She Feels 'Most Empowered' Cooking For Husband
Shay Horse/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The infamous "Kent State Gun Girl" is being mocked for her assertion that being a "good housewife" and cooking dinner for her husband is what makes her most empowered.

Kaitlin Bennett's multi-platform post openly mocked women who get abortions and Cardi B's "WAP" to make her point. She also took a picture of herself cutting a carrot looking like it was the first time she'd ever picked up a knife.

Here is the original post:

Bennett's consistent inflammatory posting earned her a proper dragging for this amateur dig.

Bennett's infamy began in 2018 when she carried an assault rifle to graduation and had "come and take it" written on her cap.

She earned further notoriety as she began appearing on right-wing media institutions such as InfoWars as a correspondant.

She is usually spotted at college campuses, assaulting students to try and trick them into supporting conservative views.

She is not usually received warmly.

Bennett's culinary downfalls don't compare to her spreading of misinformation, including the "big lie" Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

And those poor carrots will never be the same.