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Screenshots of animatronic dragon fire

The Fantasmic show at Disneyland got a little too realistic on Saturday evening when an animatronic dragon caught fire during the final showing.

During a performance with the main mouse himself, the fire-breathing dragon accidentally set fire to itself.

About 1,000 people were evacuated from the area by park employees as the spreading flames were being extinguished.

A park patron caught the incident on video and posted it to Twitter with the caption:

"Fantastic Fantasmic fail - wow!"

You can watch below.

People on Twitter reacted to the pyrotechnic fail.

One even got in a dig at the platform CEO's SpaceX explosion.

Many expressed their concern for employees and patrons attending the show.

Mostly, though, viewers of the shared their surprise and terror over the ordeal.

Disneyland representatives said in a statement:

"During the final showing of Fantasmic at Disneyland park on Saturday evening, the dragon caught fire."
"Anaheim Fire & Rescue quickly responded and the fire was extringuished."

They continued:

"All cast members were safely evacuated from Tom Sawyer Island."
"Due to smoke and wind, attractions near the island were safely evacuated of any guests, and the cause of the fire remains under investigation at this time."

Yikes! This is terrifying, but we're happy no injuries were reported.