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Chance the Rapper was the source of countless eye-rolls on Twitter recently when he endorsed his friend and collaborator Kanye West for President over Joe Biden.

Even Chance's fans were frustrated, hoping he saw that logically Biden is the nation's only alternative to President Trump.

Shortly thereafter, however, Chance doubled down on his tweet, daring someone to explain to him how Joe Biden is any different than Donald Trump.

Many people took him up on that offer, offering countless reasons how President Trump wasn't fit for the job and Joe Biden would be an improvement.

At this point, Chance began to falter a bit, saying he understood why someone might favor Biden, but that he still thought Kanye West was a better candidate.

Twitter didn't let Chance off the hook, however.

Many people online pointed out that West has not been taking this process seriously and logistically has no path to winning the Presidency even if he was.

Chance then began to realize he may have made a mistake.

He began to backpedal.

Chance couldn't even catch a break from Terry Crews.

Like many before him, it seems Chance the Rapper would have been better off keeping his thoughts to himself until he had the chance to talk with some regular people.