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Moments When Disney Theme Park Cast Members Had To Break Character
Irasema McAllister/Unsplash

Stage actors are trained to completely transform into their respective characters and be emotionally present night after night.

Unlike film actors, theatrical performers have the added pressure of having only one shot to pull off their storytelling without any flubbing of lines... or other mishaps.

Those who work as characters at Disney parks are faced with a unique challenge.

Because the Disney characters, or cast members, interact with park guests–there is no separation between talent and audience that theaters provide.

A successful character meet and greet largely depends on the improv skills of the actor and how they respond to many unpredictable situations while remaining in character.

This applies specifically to face characters, the actors who portray human characters from a Disney animated film, including heroines and princesses like Rapunzel, and Snow White; and villains like Maleficent and Gaston.

But while there is no scripted dialogue, it doesn't mean they never break character.

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