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George M. Johnson, the author of memoir All Boys Aren't Blue, has spoken out in response to a Florida mom who is attempting to have his book banned from school libraries.

After Jill Woolbright of Flagler County, Florida, filed a police report on All Boys Aren't Blue alongside three other books for obscenity, school board members were shocked because they'd never banned books from schools before.

And Johnson, when interviewed on his thoughts, didn't think his book was the book to start the trend.

Johnson said the presence of sexuality in his book was for a point of view of what it was like to be young, queer and sexually inexperienced.

"I wanted people to understand why they were cringing. Why they wouldn't cringe at a straight sexual experience being explained but cringe during mine."
"This book was as much part educational as it was pushing back on whatever norms forced you to think my sex wasn't valid or shouldn't be talked about in its full truth."

Woolbright, meanwhile, has doubled down on her criminal complaint.

"This book needs to be investigated as a crime in our media center. This is pretty heavy stuff, violating our own policies. That's why I felt the need to file the report, so I know it will be investigated."

The school board will decide in the upcoming meeting whether Johnson's book will be banned from public school shelves.