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Twitter screenshot of Ben Shapiro during his Daily Wire segment
The Daily Wire

Far-right provocateur Ben Shapiro has once again found himself in the spotlight for his recent segment on Blue's Clues featuring transgender beavers.

The host of The Daily Wire attempted to stoke fear and panic during the episode, focusing on cartoon animals depicted as transgender, particularly one with chest scars that suggested breast surgery.

In 2021, an episode of the Nick Jr. show featured a cartoon Pride parade, hosted by a character who could be interpreted as a drag queen. The parade showcased different types of queer families on colorful floats, including non-binary dolphins, lesbian alligators, and a family comprising various animal species coexisting harmoniously.

While the video aimed to promote inclusivity and celebrate LGBTQ+ individuals, Shapiro comically fixated on the depiction of trans beavers, specifically the one with two small lines on its chest. Snopes investigated the matter when the video initially gained attention nearly two years ago and confirmed that the lines were intended to represent top surgery scars.

You can hear what Shapiro said in the video below.

Shapiro said:

“So, first of all, beavers don’t have two nipples.”
“I mean, it’s weird that we’re now supposed to talk about beaver nipples, but that’s where we are as a society. But apparently beavers trans themselves."
"Now I have a little secret for you: beavers don’t actually do that, that’s not a thing, but according to the people who make Blue’s Clues, according to everybody who makes children’s TV these days, it is necessary to push trans on the kids."

Despite Nickelodeon's long-standing support for LGBTQ+ representation, Shapiro's primary objective appears to be boosting subscriptions for DailyWire+.

He said:

“You cannot allow your kids to watch children’s TV. You can’t."
Or alternatively go subscribe to DailyWire+. The kids’ content is coming, I know, I know, everybody keeps asking when, the answer is ‘soon,’ I promise I’ll let you know as soon as we have it ready, but it’s gonna be amazing.”

In the aftermath of this segment, Shapiro's intention to boost subscriptions may have garnered attention, but it has also exposed him to ridicule and jokes.

Shapiro has continued to make headlines for increasingly absurd performative right-wing outrage.

Last fall, he claimed the United States military abandoned "traditional masculinity" and declared wars are best fought by “typically very patriotic, very male people.” His remarks were quickly disregarded by actual members of the armed forces who noted he has never served in the military.

Around the same time, he garnered more criticism after he reached for the cosmos again, this time to insist Democratic President Joe Biden has an "equity agenda" and wants to put LGBTQ+ astronauts on the moon, describing the possibility as something that "sounds like a bad pornography."