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Olympics Viewers Baffled After Camera Operator Cuts Away From Field Hockey To Film A Cockroach

TyC Sports

The Olympic Games are barely half-way over, with another week of competitions to watch. However, it looks like one cameraperson is already bored and finding some new things to keep their attention.

During a woman's field hockey game, the feed cut for a few seconds of a cockroach crawling across a beam.

It was truly bizarre.

The incident came during the field hockey match between Spain and Argentina. Sports channel TyC in the latter country is responsible for the footage.

Argentina was up 1-0 and five minutes left in the quarter. The feed was showing a replay when it cut back to the field, only for viewers to be greeted by a cockroach making his way along.

Commenters online were a little confused.

No action was missed while the feed cut to the insect, as the feed was just showing a replay. It didn't affect Argentina who went on to win the match 3-0.

However, online the opinion of the cockroach soon moved higher than the Olympic games itself.

Many called for the roach to be its own Olympic star.

No word yet on how the roach placed in competition.