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People Reveal The Weirdest Interaction They've Ever Had With Someone

The Doors wrote a song devoted to strange people for a reason, folks. It's not just that people are weird though - we've all got that in us. It's when that weird jumps out at you like the proverbial stripper-from-a-cake-at-a-bachelor-party that things start to get sketchy. You know what I mean, a weird PERSON, no big deal. It's weird INTERACTIONS that really mess with us. We generally don't like it when life forgets to keep the weird over there and lets it work its way to our inner circle. Example: my weird neighbor was fine being weird in their own yard - but when they started shooting BB guns into my yard (trying to snipe iguanas) and walking around picking up dog poop with their bare hands and putting it in their pockets ... welp... now we've hit a whole new level that I wasn't ready for.

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