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Detroit TV Station Proves Video Of Alleged 'Voter Fraud' Is Actually Their Cameraman Loading Equipment

In Detroit, where Joe Biden has maintained a lead in the polls, conservatives online have been desperately searching for some sign of a conspiracy to show them Donald Trump is actually winning.

On Thursday, November 5, some Republicans became fixated on a video from Detroit which showed a man loading the contents of a wagon into a truck at a voting center. Many of them believed the man was delivering illegal ballots to the building.

Local news station WXYZ Detroit was quick to debunk the conspiracy theory.

It was pretty easy for them to do since the man was a photographer at their station and the wagon was filled with their equipment.

The false conspiracy theory was passed around several popular conservative news sites before it was fact checked.

The lengthy wait for election results has spawned innumerable conspiracy theories.

Even after the news station came forward with the truth about the wagon, some still tried to insist there was foul play.

Ultimately, conspiracy theories have more to do with psychology than anything else.

The Presidency will be decided by legitimately and legally cast votes, no matter what the President says.

Whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump walks away with the presidency, we can all rest easy knowing secret votes aren't being pulled into counting stations by wagon.