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Video Of Henry Cavill Building A Computer From Scratch In A Tank Top Has The Internet Short-Circuiting
@henrycavill/Instagram; @DarthLux/Twitter

As we reach the dog days of summer, we're all looking for ways to quench our thirst. This... is definitely not that.

In fact this content is liable to make you so thirsty you start seeing spots and passing out.

People of the internet, we bring you Henry Cavill building a gaming PC in a tank top.

Yes, Superman himself recently made a video of building a PC in a shirt that can best be described as sparse and the internet needs a collective Ctrl+Alt+Del.

It's a worldwide kernel panic. Unplug everyone and plug them back in again, this an emergency!

Cavill posted the video to his Instagram account yesterday and in that short time it has racked up more than three million views, and it's easy to see why.

Just... take a look at this...

Oh... oh my...

Now lest you think Cavill was posting this for computer building enthusiasts and the internet is just being a bunch of sex fiends, do take a look at the caption Cavill gave his Instagram video.

"This kind of material isn't for everyone....viewer discretion is advised. You may see a lot of parts that you haven't seen before."

Cheeky bugger.

And the Barry White soundtrack is a nice touch, isn't it?

But it only gets worse from there—social media is full of clips of Cavill positioning himself in the most suggestive of ways, like this one where it looks like he might be... um... adjusting... some, like, screws and bolts or something.

Yes, that's definitely it.

Does anyone have even just a TEASPOON of water?

Because parts of the internet are experiencing a powerful thirst.

In addition to being Superman and starring in series like Witcher, Cavill is well known in certain internet circles as an avid gamer, hence the new PC.

Now, it seems scores of thirsty internet folks are gaming enthusiasts too.