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Actor Emmy Rossum Iconically Claps Back After A Troll Tries To Shame Her For Doing Nude Scenes

Actress Emmy Rossum from Shameless was watching Wednesday's vice presidential Debate.

She tweeted her admiration for one particular line spoken by Democratic Sdnator Kamala Harris of California.

But as surely as the sun rises in the east, some random man on Twitter couldn't let Rossum's moment of joy pass without trying to ruin it in some way.

The random man was likely referring to a sex scene Rossum performed as part of her role on Shameless.

The actress seemed prepared for the stranger's disrespect, however, and quickly fired off a reply.

There's nothing Twitter quite likes as much as a sick burn.

That random man will likely think twice before sounding off on one of Rossum's posts again.

Rossum spoke about her willingness to perform sex scenes in the past, saying:

"What I think is so interesting about showing sexuality as part of art is no different than showing any other part of life to inform the art."
"Sexuality is a part of life, I hope, and it's interesting that the women on the stage get to write, and we get to show characters."
"We get to explore the intimate parts of them, be that anger or loss or happiness or sexuality. What so great about the shows on Showtime and these women up here is that they don't show in a gratuitous way."

Rossum's fans turned out en masse to back her up!

Hopefully this incident served as a lesson to the countless random "reply guys" of Twitter. If you're hoping to spread negativity online, don't be surprised if some of it comes back your way.